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Konami have teamed up with German sportswear giants Adidas for the latest PES 2016 myClub campaign which focuses on players and teams who wear the famous three stripes out on the pitch.

Included in the campaign is an ADIDAS Players Special agent containing players who wear Adidas branded boots in PES 2016. All 198 players within the agent have an OVR rating of at least 75+ and there’s around a 15% chance of bagging one of the 94 Black Ball players with an OVR rating of over 80.

Each spin of the ADIDAS Players Special agent costs the usual 10,000gp or 250 myClub coins. Players are allowed to spin the agent as many times as they please for the duration of the campaign which ends when maintenance commences on January 28 at around 4am UTC.

ADIDAS Players Special agents can also be won for successfully completing each of the Challenge Cup that form part of the campaign.

These consist of an ADIDAS CUP which requires players to win four consecutive matches against AI controlled teams of increasing AI levels. In keeping with the theme of the campaign, all four of these teams wear Adidas manufactured kit. There’s also a Winner Takes All Online Challenge Cup which issues a Special Agent as a reward for simply beating one online opponent.

The campaign has also seen the addition of 10 managers who oversee teams which wear ADIDAS strips.

What do you think of this campaign? Have you bagged yourself great Adidas endorsed player from the Special Agent? Let us know on our Twitter Feed

The ADIDAS collaboration campaign is available on all formats of PES 2016 myClub (including Free to Play) from January 21 9:00 UTC until January 28 4:00 UTC.