NEW myClub Campaign: UCL + TotY STARS & El Clásico HEROES & Arsène Wenger!

By dcam129 Posted on in Community, PES 2016

You’ve been a spoiled bunch this past week or so – and there’s no let up!

This week’s myclub campaign sees not one, but TWO Special Agents! Along with the introduction of managerial legend Arsène Wenger!


First up, UEFA Champions League + Team of the Year STARS return, coinciding with the UCL Quarter Finals commencing next week. This Special Agent lasts for a whole TWO weeks and includes 158 players from teams competing in the UCL Quarter Finals – of the 158 players a whopping 123 are of black ball quality! Spin the UCL + TotY STARS Special Agent for a ~72% chance of landing a Black Ball player – another amazing chance to land some Team of the Year superstars!

A UEFA Champions League STARS 80+ Special Agent is available which will land you a guaranteed 80+ OVR rated player! Make it your lucky spin, as this Agent is limited to one spin only.

Once again, there are two Challenge Cups included in the campaign – The UEFA Champions League VS Com Challenge Cup and The Online Challenge Cup. Win either Challenge Cup to grab yourself a FREE UEFA Champions League STARS QF Special Agent spin! To win the offline cup you must defeat teams of increasing AI level, all of which are competing in the UEFA Champions League QF this coming week. The Online Challenge Cup requires players to defeat just one randomly assigned online opponent to be rewarded with this Special Agent!

El Clásico HEROES

The El Clásico HEROES Special Agent includes 113 players, with a 40% chance of landing one of a whopping 78 Black Ball players! Each player has starred for Real Madrid or FC Barcelona during their career, including superstars such as A. DI MARIA, W. SNEIJDER, THIAGO and I. CASILLAS.

There is also a El Clásico HEROES 80+ Special Agent available for you guys, guaranteeing you one of the 78 black ball players! Once again, this Special Agent is a one spin only deal!

Arsène Wenger

Also included in this week’s campaign is the opportunity to appoint Arsène Wenger at the helm of your myClub! Wenger utilises a 4-2-3-1 formation, with 90 Leadership and 95 Adaptability. Sign him up now for 20,000 GP or 500 myClub coins! He’s only available this week so don’t miss out!

Alongside Arsène, other managers in this campaign include P. GUARDIOLA with a 4-1-4-1 formation and M. PELLEGRINI using a 4-2-3-1 formation.

SO… after an exciting EURO 2016 launch last week, the action doesn’t stop! Let us know who you land and what you think about the exciting introduction of Arsène Wenger! Head to our Twitter to get involved!

The UEFA Champions League QF + TotY STARS Campaign is available from March 31 at 9am and finishes on April 14 at 4am UTC.
The El Clásico HEROES campaign is available from March 31 at 9am and finishes on April 7 at 4am UTC.
Arsène Wenger is avaialble from March 31 at 9am and finishes on April 7 at 4am UTC.