PES 2017: Barcelona + Nou Camp Official Trailer analysis

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It’s certainly been a busy day for KONAMI today! Not only have they announced three year Premium Partnership with FC Barcelona (the details of which you can read about here) but they’ve also gone and dropped a brand new PES 2017 trailer showcasing gameplay for the very first time.

Weighing in at a hefty four minutes plus there’s a lot to digest… but worry not! We got out very own Bees?! to comb the footage in order to try and glean every bit of info from this tasty serving of PES 2017 action.

00:00 – 00:25: We kick off proceedings with some aerial shots from outside the Nou Camp. External stadium shots were first introduced late last year when the Estadio do Maracana debuted as part of PES 2016 Data Pack 2. Although unconfirmed, it would be a safe bet to say that the Nou Camp will get the same treatment (possibly with the very visuals seen in the trailer) in PES 2017.

Interesting to note that throughout the Nou Camp footage, fans are creating a collage as they do on occasion for big matches in real life. Will this be something just limited to Barcelona in PES 2017?

A further nice touch is the inclusion of Barcelona anthem ‘Himno’ which plays as the camera pans.

00:26 – 00:29: Time for a little face to face! We’re shown images of Iniesta, Rakitic, Busquets, Neymar Jr and Messi and unsurprisingly they all look fantastic. The press release earlier stated that Barca’s key players (which I presume include those 5 mentioned) had been created using 3d scanning techniques – a feature that was introduced in PES 2016 albeit with only Neymar Jr modeled using the method.

PES2017_3D-Photo-Scan-Images_Messi (Medium)

3D Scanning techniques have been used to make players such as Messi realistic. 

00:32 – 00:59: The press release mentioned that Barcelona’s “famed ’offensive, playing style will be fully implemented” and this is it being shown in action with quick pin-point passes being used to carve out chances.

The action here seems a lot quicker and more accurate than the preview build I’ve been playing so it’ll be intriguing to see whether this is down to the playing style of Barcelona within the game, or if elements of the game as a whole have been tweaked.

Finally, the eagle eyed among you might have spotted that the last goal is a recreation of Iniesta’s El Clasico goal from last year.

1:03 – 1:06: More faces! Here’s Suarez, Jordi Alba, Mascherano, Rafinha and Pique.

1:07 – 1:11: Some collisions! Although these were improved in PES 2016 many of you thought that they could be built upon further. Of particular interest is the second one which appears to be a new animation of Neymar holding his face after being caught on the receiving end of a stray Atletico hand!

On the subject of Atletico, their new away kit has made it into the build… fetching yellow socks included!

1:12 – 1:18: Keepers! I waxed lyrical about the improvements to goalkeeping in my PES 2017 impressions and here we see them in action as the Barcelona keeper pulls off a number of great saves – Bravo!

Particular attention should be given to the save at 1:15 where a shot which in all likelihood would have found the net in PES 2016 is kept out by a fine reaction save. This highlights just some of the work which has been put into making keepers more responsive… and able to pull off saves for shots bound for the bottom corners.

Incidentally, I don’t think this montage adequately shows the improvements that have been made to goalkeeping. The saves on display are all fairly routine and it’s the stops that come out of the ordinary which really make keepers on PES 2017 impressive.

PES2017-UCL-FCB-v-ARS_Messi-Vaselina (Medium)

Goalkeeping improvements are highlighted… but maybe not to their full potential

1:20 – 1:31A nice little segment showing off some of the dribbling and passing intricacies in the game. Finished off with a near post shot from Suarez.

1:32 – 1:38: We’re heading to myClub town!! Sound-tracked by London band Vant… this year’s Joywave perhaps?

1:40 – 1:55: One of the most talked about features announced at E3 was the Scout Auction which will be added to the mode, and here we see it in action – or a representation of it anyway.

It all starts with a bidding war for a for a Right Foot scout. The bids are made using GP, presumably against other users… with a bid of 1900 GP we get our scout! This. Looks Awesome.

The Right Foot scout is then used with an FC Barcelona enrolled club scout (club exclusive scouts make a debut it seems) and a LWF position scout which narrows the player pool to one… Mr Neymar Jr!

1:58 – 2:22: Another big E3 feature makes an appearance as the newly acquired Neymar Jr slots into the team.

We start with a camera pan around our own managerial playing styles and tendancies before a wild opponent appears, complete with information on their playing traits, favourite moves and the areas they like to attack.

The user then sets up his team accordingly taking advantage of the new advanced instructions – in this case Attacking Full Backs and Tiki-Taka are the order of the day.

The visuals for this differ from the screenshot released at E3 so it’s highly likely the graphics have been made for the benefit of the video… nonetheless, this looks pretty cool.

2:23 – 2:29: Onto Master League we go!

2:32 – 2:37: A nice little demonstration of Transfer Deadline day. Looks like it really will be a pressured race against the clock to get Transfer Fee, Salary and Contract Length all agreed.

2:40 – 2:53: Over the calendar we go to training… and a demonstration how the system has been reworked so the user can select the Playing Style and Skills their players learn.

2:55 – 3:00: A quick stop to give a nod to team rolls. It was announced at E3 that there will be and increase in these this year from 10 to 22.

3:08 – 3:28: Back to on-pitch gameplay via a UEFA Champions League vignette! This time we see the various tricks and acrobatics that can be employed in order to find the net.

These are all recreations of real life goals scored by Barcelona recently (against Villa Real, Getafe and Arsenal).

3:29 – 3:35 : Onto some celebrations now, we have Luis Suarez’s finger kiss which is new and HOLY SMOKES TOPLESS NEYMAR!!! The Brazilian celebrates with his tattooed torso on show, the first time to our recollection that a player has appeared topless in celebration on any football game.

PES2017-FCB-Celebration (Medium)

We weren’t joking! Neymar Jr appears topless in the celebration scene!

At the time of writing it has yet to be confirmed whether Neymar Jr will be the only player with the ability to discard his shirt in the game. We do know however that Neymar received a full body scan at KONAMI HQ in Japan last year and if that process has been exclusive to him then it’s a possibility that he will be the only player with this ability.

A final word on the subject of tattoos, Global Product Manager Adam Bhatti has confirmed on Twitter that as in PES 2016, Neymar Jr will be the only player sporting ink on PES 2017.

Oh… and the Official PES Twitter account have confirmed that celebrating shirtless will be a bookable offence, so be careful!

3:37 – 3:58: Time for a certain Mr Messi to take the reigns (and take on half the Arsenal team) with a trademark dribbled goal! This doesn’t highlight much about the game but it’s certainly nice to sit back and take in those visuals.

3:58 – 4:10: And that’s a wrap! We pan back out of the Nou Camp to the sound of the Barcelona fans chanting.

4:10 – 4:23: There are those all important dates… you can play this baby on September 13 if you live in the Americas, or 2 days later on September 15 elsewhere. I can’t wait!

What did you think of the trailer… anything you liked? Anything causing you concern? And even more importantly, did you pick up anything we missed? Let us know on Twitter or on the official Forum Thread.

PES 2017 is released on September 13 (Americas) an September 15 (EU + Asia) for Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox 360 and PC.