PES 2016 – PES 2017 myClub: Veterans Bonus

By dcam129 Posted on in Community, PES 2016, PES2017

Konami have announced a Veterans bonus for myClub users from PES 2016 to PES 2017. This means that those who have played the myClub mode on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (Disc/Download version), UEFA EURO 2016/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (Disc/Download version) or Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 myClub (Free-to-play version) will be eligible to receive the content.

Users who have owned at least 2 players (Lv. 30) with an overall rating of 90 or more will be offered 2 Special Agents. These Agents will guarantee a player with an overall rating of 80+.

Users who have completed the PES 2016 myClub tutorials will be offered one Special Agent which guarantees a player with an overall rating of 80+.

The bonuses carry across Console Generations, for example, if you played PES 2016 on PS3 and play PES 2017 on PS4 or vice-versa, you will still receive the bonus. However, you must be using the same account ID (PSN account or Xbox Gamertag). You cannot receive the bonus numerous times, even if you have played multiple versions of PES 2016.

Check out the full notice in-game or here.

You must have met the conditions before 4:00 UTC on 25/8/2016 to receive the myClub Veterans Bonus.