myClub Campaign: TOTY nominations & Champions League Stars

By TheeJackB Posted on in Community, PES2017

The latest myClub campaign is here! This week you’ve been treated to those players talented enough to be nominated for the UEFA Team of the Year and the stars of the recently finished Champions League group stages. 

In this week’s agent are a total of 328 players with 191 being rated 80+ overall. There’s roughly a 28% chance of spinning an 80+ overall rated player with this week’s agent. However there is a single use 80+ rated agent that you can spin which guarantees you an 80+ overall rated player which is definitely worth the 10,000GP investment.

There’s a lot of talent available in this week’s agent to spin. The likes of Lionel Messi, Thiago Silva, Luis Suarez, Kevin De Bruyne and Gianluigi Buffon to name but a few.

Alongside the star players available this week are a selection of star managers. If your myClub squad is in need of a big name on the touchline then worry not as Diego Simeone, Luis Enrique and Thomas Tuchel are all available to buy this week!

There’s 2 new challenge cups this week. The Online challenge cup called ‘UEFA Champions League’ is contested as a single match. Win the match and you beat the challenge cup. A free spin of this week’s special agent awaits those who win on their first victory and for each win afterwards you’ll be awarded a bonus 500GP.

The Vs COM cup this week, also called ‘UEFA Champions League’ is contested in knockout format. Players have to play and win 4 consecutive matches in order to be successful. Pull this off however and you’ll be rewarded with a special agent on your first victory and a bonus 1000GP for each success afterwards

After the Count Up Campaign successfully hit it’s 5 million game target you’ll also be rewarded with 50,000GP, 2 spins of last week’s El Clasico Heroes agent and a Barcelona legends agent guaranteed to give you one of the 24 legends available.

As usual, be sure to share your best spins from this week with us over on twitter!

PES 2017 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC