A Year In Review: 8 Reasons Why 2016 Was Awesome for PES

By Jearoon Posted on in PES 2016, PES2017

2016 is almost done. It has been a year of political upheaval and celebrity losses… but at the very least, it has also given us a great form of escapism, courtesy of PES. This article gives us 8 reasons why 2016 was actually pretty flippin’ good for PES fans!

UEFA Euros 2016 edition of PES 2016

We expect Welsh fans in particular to remember this one. Earlier this year, to celebrate the Euros, PES 2016 got exclusive additional Euros-themed content. Physical copies of the “Euros 2016” version of the game were also released, and featured Welsh star Gareth Bale. The Wales team license made it a hit for Welsh fans in particular, and we even posted a Welsh-language article to celebrate! If you’re curious, you can find it HERE.

PES 2016 Legends… and even more in PES 2017!

PES 2016’s myClub mode had a pretty amazing trick up its sleeve, in the form of its “Legends” campaign. This allowed users the chance to bring pack to the pitch L.Figo, F. Inzaghi, O. Kahn, R. Baggio and R. Carlos… plus fan-favourite Babangida. We felt spoiled, until PES 2017 more recently offered us over 20 Barcelona Legends to get our hands on. We are not worthy.

PES 2016 Milan Finals

Each iteration of PES ultimately boils down to one thing for competitive players – getting to (and winning) the Finals. For PES 2016, the prestigious tournament was held in the great Italian city of Milan. Some incredible, edge-of-seat games were played, but in the end there could be only one winner! That honour went to France’s very own Rachid ‘Usmakabyle’ Tebane, and you can read all about it here.

PES 2017 Barcelona Partnership

When you get a premium partnership with one of the greatest football clubs in the world, it’s worth shouting about. PES 2017 boasts precisely that with Barcelona FC, and the result means more than simply the team being featured on the game’s box art. Barcelona’s player faces & the official strips are perfectly recreated, and the iconic Camp Nou stadium – exclusive to PES – is implemented to an incredibly realistic degree. Add to that the aforementioned Barcelona FC Legends that grace myClub, and how the PES League Regional finals will take place in Barcelona, and this partnership makes for a pretty amazing one for PES fans.

PES 2017 Release Day (& Reviews)

For a PES enthusiast, there is no day like a PES launch day. After a very enjoyable taster a few weeks earlier, courtesy of the PES 2017 demo, the game itself launched on 15th September in the EU. Critics were impressed, calling it “a wonderful football game that just begs to be played” (Video Gamer), “everything football is in reality and in dreams” (God Is A Geek) and “one of the finest football games I’ve ever played” (Shop To). In short, it went down very well, and continues to boast a metacritic score of 85 & 87 for PS4 & Xbox One respectively. Read more about the game’s reviews here.

PES 2017 Updates & Additional Partnerships

Barcelona FC may be PES 2017’s cover star team, but they are by no means the only club PES has forged a top-level partnership with this year. Konami also announced a partnering-up with Liverpool FC & Borussia Dortmund, resulting in fully licensed player strips and stunningly life-like player faces for both teams. This partnership also lead to the inclusion of AnfieldSignal Iduna Park stadiums via Data Pack 2, alongside Brazilian club Palmeiras’s Allianz Parque, all faithfully recreated from the ground up. Of course, additional fully-licensed teams also grace PES 2017, including Arsenal, Club Atlétic de Madrid, Boca Juniors and many, many more – all boasting incredible player likenesses and official kits.

PES 2017 Ambassadors

More recently, we have had the pleasure of announcing some incredible players as PES Ambassadors. Mesut Özil, Andrés Iniesta and Aubameyang are all waving the flag for Pro Evolution Soccer this year, with the Dortmund forward also more specifically serving as PES League Ambassador. Expect to hear more from these guys in the future about your favourite football game series!

PES League 2017 Launch

PES League, for those that don’t know, is a service that records users’ match result and uses the data to rank players in regional tables. It is fundamental to the annual quest of finding a world PES champion. However PES 2017 marks the first time a dedicated PES League mode actually features in the game itself, meaning the journey to greatness is more visible and accessible than ever. This journey is specifically referred to as the Road To Cardiff, whilst the competition itself is the official UEFA Champions League eSports tournament. If you fancy your chances of getting to the Finals in Cardiff, where the winner can bag $200,000, swat up on how to do so HERE.

And those were just 8 reasons (among many more) why 2016 was a rocking year for PES. What was your favourite PES moment of 2016? What do you hope to see from the series in 2017? As always, let us know on the forum, on Twitter and on Facebook. Here’s to 2016, and we hope you all have a fantastic new year!