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This is a big one! Pro Evolution Soccer are celebrating yesterday’s announcement of UEFA’s Team of the Year with a VERY special myClub login campaign.

All you have to do is log in to myClub BEFORE 19/01/2017 4:00 (UTC) to be given a UEFA TOTY 2016 Special Agent, guaranteeing you one of the 11 players included in the UEFA Team of the Year. That means that one of these players will be in your team…


The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a very special Konami kit, complete with UEFA Team of the Year 2016 emblem. Luckily for you, the special kit including Home, Away and Goalkeeper jerseys are available for download right here!

In case you’re not sure how to add custom kits to PES 2017, here’s a handy guide:

1. Save the images onto a USB stick, in a folder called WEPES
2. Slot your USB stick into your PS4 and head to the Edit Mode within PES
3. Select Data Management from the list
4. Select Import/Export and then Import Images
5. Select the size (we recommend the first option)
6. Select the images and import
7. Head back to the Edit Menu and select Teams
8. Select your chosen team
9. Select Strip
10. Select which kit you would like to change
11. Head to Paste Image and choose the Konami kit!

What do you think about the UEFA Team of the Year? Do you agree, or would you have chosen a completely different XI? Let us know on our Twitter!