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As with real-world football, set pieces provide a great opportunity to put the ball in the back of the net. Whether it’s a corner or a free kick, you should always have a plan of action to take full advantage of attacking situations. Every goal counts, especially in PES League – this article will help you get the most out of your attacking set pieces!

Seeing a sweetly struck free kick fly into the top corner is undoubtedly one of the best sites in football, so what better place to start? Here’s how you should be taking advantage of free kicks in PES 2017.

Free Kicks – Shooting

We’re going to get started with what we have found the be the most effective free kick technique – The Knuckle Shot. Master this technique and you’ll have the net bulging more times than not!


First tip, never be afraid to shoot! Long range, close range, tight angles…shoot! If it’s on target it will cause problems for the opposition. Just take a look at this free kick from a distance of 31 Metres…

The Knuckle Shot technique is your friend, and you should keep it close! Once you master the skill, a free kick is never too far away to have a pop! Before we get on to the technique, make sure that you have a player in your team available with the Knuckle Shot skill.



Power means everything! Hold that shoot button down until just before the player kicks the ball, and here’s the important part – Tap the shoot button again just before the ball is struck. If executed correctly, the ball should fly all over the place leaving the ‘keeper flapping at thin air! Even if the ‘keeper is so lucky to get something on the ball, he’ll have no idea where it’s going – leading to maybe a nice rebound tap in or a corner.


If you fancy a more cultured effort at goal, some instep or outside foot curl is the way to go. Once again, power is important here, but it’s all relevant to distance. It will take some time to get used to how much power you should be applying. After a while, you’ll get a feel for the distance and instinctively know how much power to apply.

For anything further out than 25 Metres, we recommend full power coupled with inside curl, aimed just to the left of the wall. Get it right and you’ll be bagging free kicks like this on a regular basis!

Outside curl is naturally a harder technique to master. Similarly to the knuckle shot, only certain players can strike the ball effectively with this technique. Also, the trajectory of the ball can sometimes be erratic, flying off into row Z. Apply full outside curl on the ball and get a feel for the distance and power.

You’ll be popping them in like this in no time!

Low Drive

We find the low drive is more effective from close range, aimed at the goalkeepers corner. If you get the positioning right, the ball should fly past the ‘keeper before he can even react!

Don’t be afraid to aim close to the post. The closer to the corner the ball is, the less chance the keeper will get something on it. From close range we find that the low drive produces the highest success rate.

Under The Wall

Be warned! If you want a high success rate, do NOT use this technique frequently! However, if you want to embarrass your opponent, step right this way…

This type of free kick is basically a low drive, however aim for the ‘keepers opposite post, right under the wall. With any luck the wall should jump, allowing the ball to sneak through and into the back of the net, leaving the man between the sticks with no chance! Check it out…

With these main techniques under your belt, you’ll be bagging free kicks on a regular basis! The most important thing is to read the situation and choose the most effective free kick technique.




New to PES 2017 are Corner Kick Strategies. These allow you to set up your attacking and defending strategies respective to each corner set play. Here are the options:


Up on the D-pad – Dash

Your attackers will all make runs towards the goal, make sure you get that ball whipped in with pace if you’re going to use the Dash tactic.

Down on the D-pad – 6-Yard box

The goalkeeper will be surrounded by your attackers if you use this tactic! However, be careful no to play the ball to close to the ‘keeper as they will often command their box and claim the ball.

If you want to cause chaos in the box using this tactic, we recommend you play a high ball into the area with no curve using R2, trying to avoid the keeper. You’ll have bodies in the danger area – hopefully one of them can get on the end of it!

Left on the D-pad  – Train

This is a cheeky technique! Your men in the box will line up and run full pelt towards the ball, causing confusing in the opposition’s defence. Make sure to play the ball in with some instep whip, giving your guys in the box the best chance of getting on the end of your cross.

Right on the D-pad – Far Post

Your players will congregate around the back post. This strategy is used best in conjunction with a high ball or a whipped ball to be flicked on. With any luck, you’ll have a man over at the back post to nod in the finish!


Up on the D-pad – Mixed marking 

Your defenders will use a combination of Man to man and zonal marking. Some will stick skin tight to the attackers, whereas some will try to track the runs.
Left on the D-pad – Man to man

Your defenders will strictly stay skin tight to the attackers, mirroring their every move.

Right on the D-pad – Zonal

your defenders will mark the space, rather than the man. We’ve had some trouble with this technique, we find that allowing the attackers a free run at the ball is never a good idea!

Top Tip: Use MAN TO MAN marking – Old school is best sometimes. Your defenders will stick to their man and have a better chance at clearing the ball out of danger.

Take these nuggets of knowledge and dominate your games in the Road To Cardiff PES League competition! If you haven’t already, you can sign up to PES League here: https://www.pesleague.com/cardiff/

The Road To Cardiff Season 2 European National Qualifiers begin on Feb 23rd and end on March 23rd