myclub campaign: UEFA champions league stars QF

By TheeJackB Posted on in Community, PES2017

With the return of the Champions League just round the corner, this week’s myClub campaign turns its attention to the 8 teams left in the competition.

There’s a total of 143 players in the agent this week, 92 of which are rated 80 or higher. You’re guaranteed to add at least one of these 92 players to your squad with the 80+ agent that can only be spun once. Once you’ve used this 80+ agent, there’s about a 40% chance of picking up an 80+ rated player from the regular agent. Still a good opportunity to add some quality to your team.

As you could probably imagine, there’s an abundance of talent available this week, with the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Neymar and Andres Iniesta up for grabs. We even managed to snag ourselves a Jordi Alba earlier!

This week’s vs COM challenge cup requires you to beat 3 of the 8 teams left in Europe’s top competition on gradually increasing difficulties. Beat them all and you’ll be given a free spin of this week’s agent.

The Online challenge cup this week is contested as a single match. Beat your opponent and the trophy is yours as well as a free spin of this week’s agent.

If you land any quarter final stars this week, make sure to share them with us over on twitter!