Silver Stars XI

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Silver, Gold or Black? Silly question?

On the surface, it seems obvious – the most sought after players in myClub are hiding away behind Black Balls. However, if we scratch a little deeper, you need not always despair after striking Gold…or in this case, Silver.

Our first Silver Stars list included some great talent, mostly up and comers who will surely take the footballing world by storm in the next few years. In this new list, we decided to create a more rounded, balanced Silver Stars XI. Let’s get to it!

GK – Danijel Subašić

Monaco shot-stopper Subašić is the first Silver Star on the team sheet. At 79 OVR, his major abilities are solid across the board, Just take a look:

Goalkeeping – 89
Catching – 84
Clearing – 83
Reflexes – 87
Coverage – 87
Physical Contact – 85

At 191cm, Subašić has the height as well as the physical prowess to command his box. He’s just about as good as it gets between the sticks for a Silver Ball player.


RB – Ignazio Abate

There was only one man in our eyes that could make the Silver Stars Right-back position his own. Rated 79 OVR, Ignazio Abate is an absolute machine that will run up and down the flank for you from first to last whistle. His standout abilities are the impressive trio of 91 Speed, 87 Explosive Power and 87 Stamina. They combine to create a constant source of pace and power down the right hand side, in defence and attack.


CB – Antonio Rüdiger

Our first Centre-back is German Powerhouse and AS Roma stalwart, Antonio Rüdiger.  At 79 OVR and only 23 years old,  Rüdiger is undoubtedly an exciting talent for the future. However, his current stats are impressive enough. Here’s a selection of his top abilities:

Header – 86
Defensive Prowess – 81
Jump – 82
Ball Winning – 81
Body Control – 81
Speed – 79

Rüdiger’s impressive out and out defensive abilities are complimented by his uncharacteristically (for a centre-back!) high Speed and Body Control statistics. We’re definitely excited to see how Rüdiger’s career progresses, he has the potential to be one of the highest rated defenders on future PES releases.


CB – Joël Matip

Joining Rüdiger at Centre-back is Cameroon and Liverpool FC star, Joël Matip. Standing at 193cm tall and weighing in at 89KG, Matip is an absolute beast of a centre back. With 88 Header, 85 Defensive Prowess and 86 Ball Winning, Matip is like a brick wall. Equipped with the Extra Frontman Playing Style, he could also have an affect on the game in the opposition’s box! Rated 79 OVR, we think Matip is the perfect partner for Rüdiger, forming a formidable partnership at the heart of defence.


LB – Danny Rose

Completing the defence is the electric North East London Left-back, Danny Rose. An underrated talent in our eyes, Rose is only 79 OVR, harsh when his statistics are examined. As an offensive Full-back, Rose will be bombing up and down the left flank for the full 90, much like his partner over on the opposite wing. With 84 Speed, 81 Explosive Power and 80 Stamina, he’s not quite as speedy of a full-back as Abate, but will definitely do a job for you defensively and offensively.


CDM – Thomas Partey

Our first Silver Star in midfield is Atletico de Madrid’s Thomas Partey. Armed with The Destroyer Playing Style, Partey is just that…an absolute destroyer! With 84 Physical contact, 84 Jump and 85 Stamina, Partey will act as a battering ram just in front of the defence for the whole 90 minutes, stopping attacks before they even materialise.


CM – Lars Bender

Joining Partey in midfield is German Anchor Man, Lars Bender. The Bayer Leverkusen ace is a solid option in the centre of midfield, picking up the pieces after Partey has destroyed everything in his path!

With defensive statistics that many actual defenders will be envious of, Bender isn’t going to chip in with the goals from midfield. However, his 82 Rated Low Pass and 84 Ball Winning abilities means that Lars can break up play and get attacks started. He’ll act as a small yet vital cog in the machine.


AMF – Manuel Lanzini

A tricky Argentinian up next with fantastic dribbling, body control, explosive power and has the letters L & M as his initials…It’s Manuel Lanzini! Just take a look at some of the trickster’s key statistics:

89 Body Control
87 Explosive Power
84 Dribbling
83 Ball Control

We’ve gone with Lanzini largely due to his Hole Player Playing Style. He’s got great quality and can get in between the lines, causing havoc for the opposition defence. He also possesses the Long Range Drive and Outside Curler Player Skills, meaning he can chip in with a long range finish every now and then!


LMF – Yannick Bolasie

A beast of a winger up next with Yannick Bolasie. The 79 OVR Merseyside Blue star boasts impressive attacking statistics with 89 Explosive Power, 88 Dribbling, 87 Speed and 85 Physical Contact. As you can see, Bolasie is a speed-demon with the power to dominate his opposing full-back.

Bolasie can also bamboozle the opposition with his impressive array skill moves, including:

Scissors Feint
Flip Flap
Marseille Turn
Scotch Move


RMF – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

We’ve gone for Prolific Winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the RMF position. Again, he’s a player blessed with bags of pace, 90 Speed to be specific! This, combined with 89 Explosive Power, 86 Body Control and 84 Dribbling means that the Ox will be a handful for any opponent!

Much like Bolasie, The Ox is blessed with several Player Skills, including:

Scissors Feint
Cut Behind & Turn
Scotch Move

He also possesses the Long Range Drive Player Skill so make sure you have a dig with him every now and then!


CF – André-Pierre Gignac

And finally, to spear head the Silver Stars XI we’ve gone for André-Pierre Gignac! With 87 Physical Contact, 87 Kicking Power and 85 Finishing, Gignac is absolutely deadly in and around the box. With the Heading Player Skill and Goal Poacher Playing Style, he’s an endless source of goals. Gignac’s lack of pace will be masked by the abundance of it either side of him, his power will be enough to cause his close markers problems.

In case you missed it, Gignac was the second top-scorer in the PES Fan Draft Tournament, outscoring the likes of Sergio Aguero, Aubameyang and Cavani. You can check out the PES Fan Draft HERE.


So there we have it, a team made up of strictly Silver Balls only! What do you think? Would you feel confident lining up against a team of Black Balls with this team? We think it would be more than able to hold it’s own!


Think we’ve missed any top Silver Star Players? Let us know on our Twitter!