Silver Stars Special: English League Lvl. 50 myClub Campaign

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This week’s myClub campaign is an absolute stonker, and something a lot of you guys have been wanting to see in PES now for a while. A total of 146 English League stars are available, all of which are automatically Lvl. 50, making most players at LEAST 4 OVR levels higher than their original incarnations!

Obviously, this is a perfect opportunity to add some quality into your myClub teams, and more so than ever, that doesn’t necessarily mean Gold or Black balls.  There’s some hidden gems in this week’s campaign and they’re not to be missed out on! So we’ve decided to put together an English League Silver Ball XI, check it out…

GK – David Ospina 79-83

The first name on our Team Sheet is Arsenal shot-stopper, David Ospina! What he lacks in height he makes up for with his amazing statistics! At Level 50, Ospina has an impressive 94 Reflexes and 94 coverage (better than Neuer at 93!). These stats paired with his 88 Speed means that he’ll be getting across the sticks like a cat!

LB – Marcos Alonso 79-85

Next up, we have Marcos Alonso in the Left-Back position, fresh from celebrating an English League title! Land him this week and he’ll come out at a hugely impressive 85 OVR, compared to his original OVR rating of 79. His impressive Stamina is the stand-out statistic, maxing out at 86. Alonso has never been regarded as a speed-demon, however his 82 Physical Contact and 82 Speed makes him more than able to deal with those pacey wingers.

CB – Phil Jones 79-85

Filling the first of two Centre-Back positions is England International Phil Jones. This week, Jones comes out at massive 85 OVR, that’s SIX higher than his original incarnation. He’s an absolute beast, just look at these statistics:

84 Defensive Prowess
85 Ball Winning
85 Physical Contact
85 Jump
83 Stamina

Not only that, Jones has 82 Speed and 78 Explosive Power, equipping Jones with the pace needed to patrol the defence.

CB – Joel Matip 79 – 86

If you thought Phil Jones’ levelling was impressive, just check out Joel Matip! Jumping from 79 OVR to 86 OVR, Matip increased by a huge 7 OVR. Armed with 91 Header, 89 Defensive Prowess and 90 Ball Winning, spin Matip this week and you might as well have built a wall around the 18 yard box.

RB – Debuchy 79-84

A somewhat forgotten player, Debuchy is our pick at right back. At 84 rated this week he’d be a welcome addition to anyone’s myClub squad. His 91 Stamina and 80 Lofted pass means he’ll be getting down the flanks and putting crosses in for fun.

CDM – Eric Dier 79-85

In the first of our four midfield positions, we’ve gone for Eric Dier in CDM. At 85 Rated, he’s an absolute powerhouse in the midfield. 87 Ball Winning, 88 Defensive Prowess, 87 Stamina and 86 Physical Contact are his stand out statistics. However, don’t be fooled into thinking he’s a just a bulldozing bruiser! His 80 Low Pass, 81 Lofted Pass, 82 Place Kicking and 87 Kicking Power are more than impressive enough to mix it up in the attacking third as well as defence.

CAM – Dele Alli 79-84

Joining Eric Dier in midfield is fellow Englishman and club-mate, Dele Alli. The perfect Partner for the defensive-minded Dier, Alli has the stamina and control to man the midfield attack. His 85 Attacking Prowess, 84 Low pass and 82 Ball Control mean Alli has the key to unlock even the most resolute of defences.

LM – Yannick Bolasie 79-85

Our first of two speedsters out in the wide positions is Yannick Bolasie. This week as just a Silver Ball, Bolasie will grace your squad rated 85 OVR with some absolutely astonishing attacking statistics. He’s a full back’s worst nightmare, blessed with 92 Explosive Power, 91 Speed and 91 Dribbling. He’s no pushover either, armed with 88 Physical Contact and 87 Ball Control.

RM – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 79-85

Our last spot in midfield goes to Arsenal star, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Similarly to Bolaise, The Ox has some very impressive attacking statistics, most notably his 94 Speed, 92 Explosive Power and 89 Body Control. He’s got the attacking flair needed for a winger too, with 95 Ball Control and 87 Dribbling he’ll be beating defenders left, right and centre!

ST – Gabriel Jesus 76-81

The first of our two striker positions goes to break-out Brazilian star, Gabriel Jesus. With 90 Speed and 88 Explosive Power, Jesus would be a thorn in the side of any defence. Give him a chance and he’s nailed on to get on the score-sheet, with 83 Ball Control and 80 Finishing, he’s a menace in the box.

ST – Marcus Rashford 75-81

Completing our youthful attacking duo is Marcus Rashford. The young England star, usually rated 75, is an impressive 81 OVR this week. Similarly to Gabriel Jesus, Rashford is all about his pace and presence in the opposition’s box. With 90 Speed and 90 Explosive Power, he’ll be leaving defenders in his wake.

So there you have it, our English League Lvl. 50 myClub Silver Stars XI. A team full of pace and power ready to take on any team! What do you think? Would your XI be different? Let us know on our Twitter!