myClub campaign: Spanish league stars

By TheeJackB Posted on in Community, PES2018

The new myClub season is now in full swing! The second PES 2018 campaign has dropped this morning and it brings the Spanish League STARS with it!

There’s a total of 282 players in the agent this week with 109 rated higher than 80 OVR. Standout players include Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale & Sergio Ramos so its a good idea to take advantage of the ongoing Jump Start Campaign this week for some bonus spins!

The vs COM challenge cup this week is the Spanish League challenge. Contested in a knockout format you’ll need to win 3 consecutive matches in order to receive the rewards – in this case a free spin of the Spanish League STARS agent.

There’s 2 online challenge cups this week too. Both cups are contested as single online matches but the rewards for each differ slightly. Both cups reward successful players with a free spin of the Spanish League STARS agent as well as a squad bonus GP boost – provided you have the required number of Spanish League players in your squad. This is where things start to differ as one cup only requires you to have 5 Spanish League players in your squad, the other – 11. Another slight difference is that you’ll receive a special trainer as a reward from only one of the two cups.

That about covers it for the Spanish League STARS myClub campaign. Be sure to follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page for all the latest PES news!