Shogun’s PES2018 Master League HOT XI

By TheeJackB Posted on in Community, PES2018

Hello PESFanners! Are you looking for the next wonderkid to build your Master League team around? Well look no further!

ShogunFC has been busy scouting ahead in Master League to see which young players develop well and has given us a list of 11 hot prospects guaranteed to become world beaters!

Check them out and let us know if you’ve picked up any of these gems already!

GK: Lafont

Donnarumma is the obvious choice for most people when asked about young goalkeepers, but his price tag is insanely high and he never gets any easier to sign as time goes on. Lafont provides similar levels of raw goalkeeping ability, slightly better in the air and Star Player team role will bring in added revenue for your side in the long and short run. 5 years in and you’ve got a goalkeeper challenging Donnarumma for the title of best in the world.

LB: Theo Hernandez

There’s a reason Real Madrid went out of their way to poach this kid. He’s got clear star potential at LB/CB and LMF. Blisteringly quick and insanely strong with very good attacking attributes, Theo Hernandez is the left back to choose. See the full scout report HERE

RB: Giorza

Giorza is available as a member of the original Master League lineup or a free agent if you choose to be an existing club. Pick him up and give him as much game time as possible. Starts off low, but develops insanely quickly and will have multiple dramatic improvements due to his tender age. Equally good in attack and defense, develops into an expert ball winner whilst being a very good passer over all distances. A serious hidden gem, perfect for a small club.

CB: E. Capradossi

This kid is an absolute brick wall at the back, one of the best defenders in the game after 5 years.  Almost unbeatable in the air and an expert reader of the game thanks to a phenomenal defensive prowess stat, he’s decent at passing along the ground too, for those who like to play out from the back.

CB: D. Upamecano

Develops into one of the most incredible defensive players on the game. Fast, strong, tall, insane defensive prowess and ball winning make him near impossible to beat and he leaps like a rocket to dominate in the air, despite not being the tallest. He might be hard to sign for smaller clubs, but if you can splash the cash, he’s worth it.

DMF/CMF: Ascacibar

Ascacibar is one of the best players in this list at the start of the game and clearly has a well-rounded set of attributes as a young DMF. What sets him apart from most deep lying playmakers is his ability to actually win the ball consistently and then contribute higher up the pitch when needed. Can operate equally well as a box-to-box central midfielder.

AMF: A. Harit

The new signing for Schalke is an absolute wonderkid! Develops insanely to be a blisteringly quick, magical dribbler and a highly accurate passer with a serious engine. Comes complete with a serious bag of tricks and a tendency to give defenders a nightmare at any opportunity. Check out the full scout report

RMF: H. Yanagi

Yanagi is only available if you allow all leagues to be used, but those extra leagues are worth it, just to uncover this absolute gem of a player. He’s got it all: Pace, aerial ability, passing, crossing, dribbling, finishing, bags of stamina and two great feet. Easily the best player on this list. Easily.

LMF: J. Brandt

Super quick, insane dribbler, nightmare to dispossess with two good feet and a brilliant strike, Julian Brandt is essentially a cheap alternative to Neymar, especially if you like players to keep their shirt on. Peaks quite early and holds his ability for a long time giving you even more leeway to mould him to be the exact player you want.

CF: K. Mbappe

There really isn’t much in the way of an alternative here. Quick, tidy dribbler, impossible to get off the ball, Mbappe hits his core peak very early, which allows you to commence specific development before he even reaches 24, at which point he’s already a phenomenal striker. Check out the full Mbappe scout report HERE

CF: T. Werner

The only other striker worthy of being named alongside Kylian Mbappe, and depending on your style, he’s actually a bit better. Quick and strong, he’s a slightly better finisher than his French counterpart and also way better in the air. He’s also got the Track Back ability which makes him perfect for winning the ball high up the pitch and launching violently dangerous counter attacks. See the full development guide for Timo Werner HERE

So that’s it for my Hot XI wonderkids for Master League! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, share this list with your friends and check out the PES2018 Scout Report YouTube playlist to see all the scout reports!