PES 2018: Silver Stars XI

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With PES 2018 still in its infancy, the new myClub season is only just kicking into gear. As most players won’t yet have those world class squads packed with top talent we’ve put together a team of ‘Silver Stars’ – hidden gems in myClub who won’t cost a bomb. And the best bit? We’ve even shown you how to get them in the auction house! Check out the squad below:

GK: Alphonse Areola – 79 OVR

In goal for the Silver Stars XI is Paris Saint Germain ‘keeper Alphonse Areola. After a number of loan spells away from Paris, Areola has now made the goalkeeping spot his own and thus comes in as a silver ball in PES 2018 at a respectable 79 OVR. Despite this, the young Frenchman has some very good in game stats with 85 goalkeeping, 89 reflexes and 86 coverage making him a consistent and reliable shotstopper. He’s also a commanding presence in the box when defending corners standing at 6 foot 3 with his 87 jumping, 84 physical contact and 83 catching ensuring Areola is always first to the ball. Once he’s claimed the ball in the box, he’s equally as good at starting a quick counter attack. You can make use of his low punt trajectory player skill to deliver accurate long kicks down field to your frontmen in a flash, allowing you to catch your opponent on the break. Finally, at just 24 years old, there’s plenty of room for growth with Areola. At his max level of 55 he’ll be 84 OVR. All of this combined make Areola a perfect fit for our Silver Stars XI!

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RB: Aleix Vidal – 79 OVR

The Barcelona man is our Silver Stars right back! Aleix Vidal has all the tools to be a Barcelona full back and he brings all these qualities to your myClub side. The Spaniard is undoubtedly more effective going forward than defensively but nevertheless his useful combination of 89 speed, 88 explosive power and 81 stamina means he can get up and down the line quickly for a full 90 minutes so he’ll always be back supporting in defence when you need him. He’s also very potent on the ball too as is to be expected considering who he plays for. His 80 ball control and 81 dribbling mean he is equally as adept at dribbling his way out of a tight spot as he is taking on the opposition full back. Vidal is versatile too. He is rated 78 OVR at RMF – making him an ideal wing back for a system using 3 centre backs and if you’re light up top he can also be utilised as a RWF although its worth noting his rating will drop to 74 OVR here. Vidal will eventually develop into one of the best full backs in the game as well, his rating at his max level of 52 is a huge 85 OVR! That’s black ball territory…

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CB: Luisão – 79 OVR

Our first Silver Stars Centre back is veteran Brazilian Luisão. At 36 years old its no secret that the Benfica captain is slowing down. Something that is evident in his speed stat of just 59. Although not the fastest, the defensive attributes are still there, and for a silver ball; they’re pretty special! Luisão will absolutely dominate at the back with 86 heading, 86 defensive prowess, 87 ball winning, 90 physical contact and 85 jumping. Play him either in the centre of a back 3 with 2 quicker centre backs each side of him or next to a pacey right back like Aleix Vidal and you’ll have more than enough cover to compensate for his lack of pace should a ball go over the top of your defence. Not only is he a rock at the back, Luisão is also a major threat from corners. That 86 heading stat ensures he doesn’t lose very many aerial battles… expect him to chip in with quite a few goals! Despite being near the end of his career, Luisão still grows on myClub, maxing out at 83 OVR at level 43.

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CB: Leandro Castán – 78 OVR

Luisão’s partner at the back is AS Roma centre half and fellow Brazilian Leandro Castán. At 31 years old, Castán is an experienced professional having played for a number of clubs across his 12 year career. Although his career has stalled as of late with him finding himself on the fringes at Roma, he is still a very useful and competent acquisition for anyone’s myClub side with standout stats such as 80 heading, 84 defensive prowess, 86 ball winning, 83 physical contact and 81 jumping ensuring he’s strong in the tackle and dominant in the air. He also excels in one department his partner does not – pace. Castán has 73 speed which makes him deceivingly fast and as a result, an ideal partner for someone slower such as Luisão. He’s also left footed and can be utilised effectively on the left hand side of a back 3 giving you plenty of options! To top it all off, Castán grows quite substantially too; coming in at 84 OVR at level 51.

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LB: Ștefan Radu – 78 OVR

At Left Back for the Silver Stars is Romanian Ștefan Radu. The 30 year old plies his trade for Italian side SS Lazio and is a well rounded defensive option for your side. He may not be the most popular choice as a defensive left back as he won’t bomb forward joining in attack after attack but his steady presence at the back affords your left winger more freedom to attack allowing you to get the best out of them. Radu’s stats are incredibly well balanced with stand outs including 75 heading, 85 defensive prowess, 86 ball winning, 79 kicking power, 75 speed, 75 explosive power, 76 strength on the ball, 77 physical contact, 75 jumping and 78 stamina. He is also equally as comfortable playing as a left sided centre back in a 3 as he is a left full back in a 4, He’s rated 78 OVR in both positions and we think his stats are actually more suited to playing as one of the 3 central defenders… his 75 speed, 85 defensive prowess and 86 ball winning make him a perfect candidate. If Radu’s remarkably well balanced stats and defensive flexibility weren’t enough for you, he also has the captaincy trait – he’s the ideal man to lead your squad into battle. He’ll even grow to 84 OVR by the time he hits his max level of 51 too!

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CMF: Nuri Şahin – 79 OVR

Our first midfielder is none other than Turkish international Nuri Şahin. The midfielder has played for some of the top clubs across Europe including Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund and but for a plague of injuries hindering his career in recent years he’d be a lot higher rated in PES 2018 than 79 OVR. Nevertheless he slots nicely into our midfield and is best utilised as a deep lying playmaker. His 86 low pass, 87 lofted pass and 83 ball control make him well suited to playing as the ‘quarterback’, collecting the ball deep in your own half and spraying it forwards and sideways quickly and accurately – think Andrea Pirlo. He isn’t afraid of getting stuck in either. Şahin has the anchor man playing style and is equally as adept at shielding the defence as he is acting as the lynch-pin for attacks. His 77 defensive prowess and 78 ball winning ensure not many opposition midfielders get past him. He only gets better too! Eventually maxing out at 84 OVR at level 52. 100% scout combo for Şahin below…

CMF: Renato Sanches – 79 OVR

Next up is Renato Sanches. Comfortably the best player in this team and arguably the best silver ball in the game, the Portuguese wonderkid was a shoe in for the Silver Stars XI. When you take a more detailed look at his stats, you realise why he’s such a sensational player. He has a grand total of 9 stats all higher than 80 and they are; 81 ball control, 80 dribbling, 80 defensive prowess, 81 ball winning, 81 kicking power, 81 speed, 87 explosive power, 84 strength on the ball and 85 physical contact… remarkable considering he’s still only 20 years old! These stats make Renato Sanches the perfect box to box midfielder. He is fast, strong and technically gifted, winning tackles at one end of the pitch and rocketing in a strike from 30 yards at the other thanks to his long range drive player skill. He acts as the team’s engine with his phenomenal energy bringing out the best in other players too. For example, he does a great job of shielding Nuri Şahin from opposition players allowing him the space and freedom to dictate the play from deep. The icing on the cake here is his huge potential. Take Renato Sanches to his max level of 71 and he’ll become one of the best players on the game with a huge 90 OVR rating!

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CMF: Youri Tielemans – 79 OVR

The third and final midfielder in the Silver Stars XI is Belgian prospect Youri Tielemans. After emerging onto the scene following a couple of strong seasons with Anderlecht he finally got his big move this summer, heading to French Champions Monaco as a replacement for recently departed Tiémoué Bakayoko. The Belgian is best used as the most advanced midfielder in our Silver Stars XI, serving as the link between the midfield and the front 3. He has impressive technical stats including 82 ball control, 82 low pass and 83 lofted pass which make him effective at unlocking opposition defences and providing plenty of assists for the 3 front men. He’ll also chip in with a fair few goals too, his 77 dribbling and 75 finishing make him a threat in your opponents box whilst his 84 kicking power ensures he’s equally as deadly outside of it. Considered one of football’s hottest prospects and still only 20 years old, Tielemans has a huge ceiling on PES 2018. He’ll eventually max out at 89 OVR – provided you level him up all the way to 71.

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RWF: Christian Pulisic – 78 OVR

On the right of the attack is Dortmund and American talent Christian Pulisic. With the sale of Ousmane Dembélé to Barcelona and the long term injury to Marco Reus, Pulisic is likely to enjoy plenty of playing time this season which may see his rating increase in next years game. For now though he remains a silver ball so lets enjoy him while we still can! Pulisic is an excellent right winger with stats well suited to the role. He possesses 81 ball control, 83 dribbling, 88 speed, 90 explosive power and 82 strength on the ball. His great control and dribbling combined with an electrifying turn of pace usually means he’ll have the beating of his full back every time, allowing you to then cut inside to score or to surge towards the byline and pull back a cross. He’s deceivingly good in the air too, his 81 jumping means he’ll often score at the back post from deep crosses. The 19 year old is also very versatile in attack, capable of playing on either wing or in the number 10 role and still carrying a big threat. As with Tielemans and Renato Sanches, Pulisic has huge potential and this is reflected in PES 2018. He’ll eventually max out at 90 OVR at level 77.

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LWF: Rafa Silva – 78 OVR

On the left hand side is PES 2017 silver ball legend Rafa Silva. Needless to say the Benfica winger is just as good this year with some of his best stats including 80 ball control, 85 dribbling, 92 speed, 93 explosive power and 85 strength on the ball. Similarly to Pulisic on the right, he is fast, skillful and strong in possession making him a nightmare for opposing full backs. He also has a pretty cool combination of 80 kicking power and the knuckleshot player skill. This can lead to some spectacular strikes! Again, similarly to Pulisic on the right, Rafa Silva is hugely versatile in attack. He can be used as a LMF or RMF where his rating actually increases to 81 (technically making him a gold ball) or as a SS at 78 OVR. He is particularly dangerous at SS as you can use his pace and dribbling to cause havoc down the middle of the pitch where he sees more of the action. Should you level him up to 56, his OVR rating will increase to 86 making him the equivalent of a black ball winger!

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CF: Alassane Pléa – 79 OVR

Spearheading the attack for the Silver Stars XI is OGC Nice striker Alassane Pléa. The Frenchman rose to prominence last season as part of an exciting young Nice side containing the likes of Mario Balotelli, Dante, Wylan Cyprien & Jean Seri that gave Monaco and PSG a run for their money in Ligue 1 before eventually falling away to finish 3rd. As a result Pléa has enjoyed a boost to his stats for PES 2018 that have made him a well rounded forward. His 83 attacking prowess, 81 finishing, 84 speed, 83 physical contact and 79 heading provide a great balance of pace, composure, strength and aerial ability, all these attributes mean he is the ideal fit for our side. He is able to operate as a focal point with his reasonable power and heading whilst his speed ensures he can keep up with the rapid counter attacks launched by Areola, Şahin, Pulisic and Rafa Silva. He’ll take most of the chances that come his way too, thanks to his calm and composed finishing. Get him to level 55 and he’ll be 86 OVR. That’s the same as Harry Kane…

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